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Bases del Concurso “La Floracion el Tajinaste”

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1st International Photography Contest

The flowering of the Tajinaste

  1. 1.    Theme of the contest

Photos representing the flowering of Tajinaste. Our endemic plant is between the most beautiful of all the authochthonous Canarian plants. This contest searches to share and enhance the beauty of these plants amongst the Canarian population, as well as the touristic sector.


  1. 2.    Characteristics of the pieces

This contest searches for the essence of the pictures of nature, and for this reason it will only be permitted to realize basic corrections, contrasts, perspectives or similar which the jury considers don’t imply digital manipulation that may modificate reality.

Furthermore, it won’t be accepted any picture that may disturb the natural environment, or the regulations that ‘Parque Nacional of Teide’ or any other organization may have established to preserve the condition of the Tajinastes.

It isn’t necessary that the pictures are unpublished nor taken in the current year of this publication.

Pictures in black and White aren’t admitted.

The jury may request the RAW files at the photographers if they may consider it necessary as a requirement to award a prize.

It will be paid special attention at the fulfillment of the ethical decalogue of AEFONA.

The pictures must not contain signatures, nor watermark, name of the author, frame or any other sign unrelated with the image.


  1. 3.    Participants

Any person ver 18 that may wish to participate, and with any type of camera or photographic equipment, may do so.


  1. 4.    Presentation of the pieces

The deadline to present the pieces is between the 20/04/2015 to the 14/06/2015.


The pictures will be sent in JPG file of 300ppp as limit of quality with measures of 2500px as minimum in the smallest side, to the platform Fomunity through the following link


  1. 5.    Prices

The following prices will be established :

  • 1st Price of 1.000€ awarded by the Hotel Spa Villalba
  • 2nd Price of 500€ awarded by Bodegas Reverón
  • 1st runner-up : 2 hotel nights for two persons in the Hotel Villalba of Vilaflor. Valued in 300€.
  • 2nd runner-up : Dinner and relaxing massage for a couple, with a bottle of cava in the Spa Wellness Plus of Tenerife. Valued in 200€.
  • 3rd runner-up : Tour ‘Stars evening’ in the Teide National Park. Trip with dinner valued in 140€. Awarded by the ‘Teleférico of Teide’.
  • 4th runner-up : Set of four bottles with wine tasting experience for two persons in Bodegas Reverón. Valued in 70€.
  • 5th runner-up : Visit to the Astrophysical Institute of the Canaries, Izaña for two persons. ‘Astrophysical Observation of the Sun’. Valued in 70€.
  • 6th runner-up : Ascent for two persons to the Teleférico of Teide. Valued in 50€.
  • 7th runner-up : Set of products Aloe Park. Valued in 50€.
  • 8th runner-up : A signed copy of the book ‘El fotógrafo de la noche’ of Mario Rubio. Valued in 39€.


  1. 6.    Jury and winner selection

The jury consists of :

D. José Benito Ruiz

D. Pablo Bou President of AEFONA

D. Mario Rubio


The decision of the jury shall be final and will be realized taking as criteria the artistic quality that shows the beauty of the flowering of the Tajinaste.


A contestant can be winner exclusively of one prize. In the case that, because of the vote results of social media, a person may receive more than a prize, the jury will automatically move to the next most rated.


The jury will award the first two cash prizes and the first three runner-ups. The runner ups 4,5,6,7 and 8 will be awarded depending on the greatest amount of times they have been shared in the social networks exclusively through the platform Fomunity.


  1. 7.    Publication and Awards Ceremony

The winners will be contacted personally by Mario Rubio and the decision will be published in the web pages, social networks and communication means, of the sponsors, partners and also of the organization of the contest.

The payment method will be through nominative cheque and will be subjected to the tax obligations valid at the payment moment.

The awards will be given to the winners in the ceremony act that will take place the 19th of June in the Hotel Villalba of Vilaflor, Tenerife.


  1. 8.    Property and further use of the pieces

The pictures will be at all time property of their authors and they will have complete right over them, allowing only the diffusion in relation with the actual contest and further ones by the enterprises participating in the contest.

It will be admitted a maximum of three pictures for every author.

The participation in the contest implies the acceptation of the contest rules.


  1. 9.    Sponsors :

This contest ir carried out thanks to :

Hoteles Reverón and Hotel Spa Villalba

Bodegas Reverón

Ayuntamiento de Vilaflor

Spa Wellness Plus

Aloe Park

Teleférico of Teide

Cadena Ser

Fotógrafo Nocturno


10. Annex

The contest organization and the jury are entitled to change the competition rules to ensure the quality, prestige and good performance of this contest if it was necessary and without notice to the participants.




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  1. María Gema Medina Muñoz says:

    Me parece muy original la idea de realizar este concurso de fotografía sobre la floración del Tajinaste. Me apasiona la fotografía, soy fotógrafa amateur, estuve trabajando dos años en Tenerife y uno de esos años si conseguí ver la floración del Tajinaste y recuerdo que me llamó mucho la atención.
    Me gustaría presentarme al concurso pero tengo una duda, han hablado del formato RAW, ¿Qué ocurre si no se tiene dicho formato de ninguna foto?. No lo suelo sacar porque ocupa mucho espacio y como no suelo manipular las fotos por eso no lo tengo.
    Gracias, por todo.

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